We become what we think about

For years I have been obsessed with 3 things: Travel, health & making money. Basically I think we all need to make money to have the experiences we want in life, and the experiences I wanted seem to mostly revolved around travel. Other people want money for other things – like buying a house or buying their next car – and there is nothing wrong with that. It is just I wanted to spend my money on traveling the world.

When I started thinking about writing this blog. I figured I wanted to do something that I am actually passionate about. I previously had an e-commerce business which – well to make a long story short – failed. I learned a hell of a lot in the process though! I made two big mistakes while running it and now I know something so valuable, I know how to do it the right way. A way that works every single time. Any new store I set up now I follow a formula that works for me and everyone I teach it to.

The point of me starting that first e-commerce business is that I wanted to have freedom! I wanted to be able to travel and work from anywhere. Live anywhere. I thought about starting that business for 2 years while I worked a job that was ok but I always felt I could do something more. I would start on it at night after work, but I always got distracted with my job and other things. Eventually I jumped in, quit my job and did it. Starting that business was the best thing I ever did because of all the lessons I learned.

Thinking about something.. and then making it happen

The idea of us becoming what we think about is a profound one. I went to Thailand on one of my travels one day and while I was there I thought about how cool it would be to live there, and just earn income by doing something online. I thought about that all the time. I was a web developer so I was constantly seing my clients get rich with e-commerce and I was immersed in it. Then one day it happened. I ended up moving to Thailand by myself for 3 months to work on this business. I was living the dream. It was awesome the first 2 years. The first year I made $350,000 then eventually it fell apart but thats another story for another time.

The thing is, most people did not think I could do it. Even though it failed, I am happy I did that. I am happier knowing I tried then have never tried at all and wondered how it would of been. At one point I stayed focused on the business and ended up moving to the exact place in Thailand that I wanted to move to. I didn’t have much money but I just had a feeling that I could do this and it was actually the best time of my life. The first 2 years were a big success. When it failed miserably – I was quite upset but I picked myself back up again and kept going.

What you think about is what happens. If you keep thinking that you will move somewhere or travel somewhere, you will eventually buy a ticket and go. If you are interested in something and you fully immerse yourself in that then one day that will be you in the flesh.

Thoughts control our actions and our actions is what control how much money we make, or how fit we are. It all starts in the mind.

If you want to be fit, you have to start to think about going for a run in the morning. Then the actions follow, start laying out your clothes for tomorrow, then set your alarm. The next step is wake up, put your clothes on and walk out the door.. just start walking until you run. Next thing you know, you are half way done your run and you don’t even know what is going on yet cause you are half asleep. It’s awesome. But it all starts in the mind. The body push itself harder than you think, its the mind you have to convince.

Same goes with making money online. If you want the freedom to earn cash online, then you will see that if you immerse yourself on the subject that eventually you will know what steps to take and you will start taking the steps you need to make money. Start by reading and educating yourself. Think about it all the time.. Think, listen, read until you make a plan and then most importantly TAKE ACTION! It is the action that will get you anywhere. But it is only by thinking about what you will do first that it will work. Think! Take Action! Then become who you want to be.

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