If I Had To Start My Investing Journey Over, Here's Exactly What I Would Do To Grow My Portfolio And Create Passive Wealth

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What’s the easiest way to get the freedom to do what you love every day? Believe it!

Start observing who are you listening to? Broke miserable skeptical people or Rich happy people for advice?

I take great pride in the fact I have been lucky enough to help so many others achieve a life of freedom for themselves.

Something like 70% of learned information never gets implemented. So my advice is simple

  • Pick an Business model or Investing Strategy
  • Implement it
  • Follow other successful people
  • Believe in your self

You are not naive if you look for the good in other people.

Recognizing someone's strengths doesn't mean ignoring their flaws. It reveals their power & potential to overcome their flaws. Those who are unwilling to see the good in others fail to bring out their best.

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About Me

Now you too can be a Successful Entrepreneur by reading and IMPLEMENTING the tips in this blog! How profitable is your website?

Hi! I am Anna Macko. My plan has always been to earn a living online so I can travel and nourish my soul. I am into living a life of freedom - you know.. doing what I want with my time. I love working from home (or cafes or hot-desking around the world), being in nature, eating bananas & following my heart. I hope my blog is able to inspire and encourage you to remember who you are & help you MAKE IT ANYWHERE!

By the way, my instagram is @lovingnotworking and I have over 400k followers (online friends 🙂 and I do not create other accounts. There are 1000s of impersonator accounts of me. Please be careful to check the username as they can change spelling or an an underscore _ or change an l for a 1.  In my crypto money-making course, we always use PLAY money first to learn this high income skill, so please don't send REAL bitcoin to anyone promising you "to send you double" this is not what I do. You can find my course here: 2% Theory

  1. I started off as an entrepreneur at the beginning of the time, when we didn't have the tools we have today. Since I am a programmer, I created a lot of the tools and I trained companies how to use them. In 2005 I evolved into online marketing especially google ads, SEO and then got into researching crypto in 2012. At the time it was only our group of coders who was involved in it. I never imagined it would get so big.
  2. In the past, I have developed software for businesses, including some of the world's largest brands. I could tell you about so many cool parties, but I'll keep it clean. Partying & working with multimillionaires and top executives throughout the world taught me a lot. They called me their little superstar and that’s all the motivation I needed to work my little heart out for them. I really felt I was part of something. It was really good until I outgrew that corporate world.
  3. I speak 4 human languages and 15 programming languages. English is my 3rd language after Polish & French. There is another language I practice only with certain friends: telepathy and trusting my intuition. It is clear to me that there is more to this world than what we can see with our eyes. I think in pictures, so if you do the same, you have that too. Some people are not able to visualize or dream easily. There are times when I have lucid dreams where I wake up in my dreams and can do anything, jump & fly before I realize I am dreaming. Have you ever experienced this? In your dream you wake up and realize "hey I'm dreaming" and then the real fun begins.
  4. Ever had a job where you knew you would do well, but you knew you were destined for more? I get it. Over the years, I have taken on many software development contracts and good jobs, and I have built up, doubled my salary eventually, and grown professionally in the area. However, I knew I wanted more freedom. There is more to life than just work. I wanted to travel & see the world 🌎 
  5. I kind of went into the spotlight at some point. My journey began with coding software, websites and apps, (so I worked in the shadows making cool stuff), to specializing into e-commerce (where the bigger money started), to creating my own e-commerce stores, to teaching marketing teams in corporate settings once a week. Then I traveled and worked on my own online stores... finally launching and closing an online workshop called LOVING NOT WORKING (an online course). I had it opened once a year and it was 8 weeks of coaching. It was wildly successful since not many people were doing it, as we were early, 2012-2013 ish but it was copied like crazy! THAT was the prime time to make money in e-commerce. BEFORE everyone else got into it. It is now an over saturated market. Ads are more expensive. It is harder to profit. Not great to get into if you are JUST starting out now. It was easier before.
  6. Back in 2013, I bought bitcoin for $100 CAD. I was traveling & living in Thailand at the time, and the halvening cycle was approaching so I knew people would make money if they just TRIED this. I made a few videos showing my friends how to do it, and I did some in person workshops in Thailand with a few very lucky people as they got in early and make a small fortune.  As the bullrun in 2017 was approaching even faster, so I decided to launch an early bird online course on my Instagram and it was fun. I had a few critics on my instagram, but ultimately my friend said geniuses get called crazy.  My students made a fortune, it was so fun! We made a lot of money I started to post the houses & cars my students were buying. The funny comments, "I bought a bitcoin for $3000 and now in a few months, I have a BMW" LOL the big accounts started noticing me. I was only a small content creator on instagram, they were asking me questions, and I would answer them, and they wanted my class for free in exchange for some promotion, so I gave it to them, and sure enough they came out with their own course, but that’s okay because they didn’t plagiarize me, so we’re still cool with that. It didn't bother me and I was actually happy since more people talking about this means more adoption! 
  7. Then came the full-on plagiarizers. No shame, blatantly copied me. There are MANY who still do it! Suddenly, there were thousands of fake accounts impersonating me. Sadly, they lure people into fake websites that look real but are designed to steal money. My crypto school students (2% Theory) practice with play money, and that's very important for you to know! To learn how to trade crypto, we use Play Bitcoin. I will say it again for the people in the back " It's like playing Monopoly with play money". In the social media accounts that are copycats, you are asked for real bitcoin and asked to send it. Usually, they will ask you to send more before withdrawing, and they will take it all and give you nothing back. Their actions are very sad. I'm not on WhatsApp by the way, since they often ask you to get off Instagram or TikTok and go chat somewhere off social media, so please know that this is not me. Just because they stole my profile picture does not mean it is me. I'm not chatting with anyone on random accounts and helping them get free. Only my team and I do 1:1 video zooms. Video consultation and screen sharing and you can book on my website 2% Theory. That’s how it works. You need help? You book a 1 on 1 over video. It is simple. As for my social media accounts, they are clearly listed in the footer of this website. So if you are talking to anyone on whatsapp or telegram or on a random social media account, it’s not us! Many celebrities & crypto influencers have the same thing happen to them. Now it is happening in the spiritual community too where fake accounts ask for donations or pretend they are amazon or big companies. etc If you’re going to be in crypto you have to learn about the dark side of crypto too, such as Phishing which is an attempt to send you an email pretending they are a company and they ask for you to enter your personal information. It is important to be aware of these so that you stay safe. It is important for you to know celebrities & business owners are not giving out free crypto if you send them of your hard earned. You won't find anyone offering you free money on Twitter either. I don't even use twitter & there are fake accounts there too. So if someone contacts you out of the blue on social media, they probably want you to send bitcoin. If you talk to us, we have a private group and it’s a paid membership. My assistants jump on my instagram as well here are my socials listed 
  8. Having said that, it is possible to earn passive income with crypto and real passive income, which we diversify because crypto is risky so we can win big and lose big. It’s all part of the game. Here’s a video I made about this passive income stuff To make money that we can actually use for passive income, we will trade crypto together after we have practiced this high income skill. We trade crypto first in practice! It’s play money, you see. When pilots go to “simulation” they practice in a simulated environment that looks real, but is safe. They practice crashes and what to do in a high stress situation. They practice how to remain calm. We do that too. We practice what to do in crashes and when things go wrong. We practice crashes in a simulated environment so when it happens for real as it always does in crypto, we are able to profit! I also send alerts which you can find here. As part of my rules, I incorporate meditation into trading. As a result of meditation, we become calmer. Since none of the books or consultations I've ever attended ever discussed our mind and controlling our calmness as a means of making good decisions, I'm pretty sure I'm the only trader who talks about meditation. It seems like I started this whole thing and brought a little spirituality and mindfulness into crypto which I am really proud of.  
  9. I’m in touch with spirituality, personal development & I believe strongly that universe is amazing and we are all connected… If you hurt someone, you are actually hurting yourself. We are a reflection of one another. I experienced miracles in manifestation. It does have to do with action and acting on our thoughts and ideas that we get from visualizing what we want. Often the ideas come to me. I work on improving my intuition. You can improve on your abilities to trust yourself. Your brain is powerful. And many have cognitive dissonance and stuck in beliefs which if you search the opposite you will find it. Diet: vegan then search the opposite: carnivore you’ll find benefits of both! Still no one knows what’s best so it’s actually better to just try it out for yourself and see how you feel. 
  10. Crypto is a tool! It can be used well and badly. Both can happen. It’s important to be aware of more than simply buying and selling. It’s important to understand fully and experience crashes to know the cycles. Accumulation phase, bull market, bear market 📉 

I recommend you work on your weakness until it becomes your strength, then work on your strength until it becomes second nature. Trading crypto to me has become such an ingrained habit, I know it like the back of my hand. I can show you step by step this high income skill and it will give you the freedom to do anything you like in this world. We are abundant beings. We we are meant to be abundant. Look at nature. It is abundant, and we are nature.


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Quit your Day Job & Become an Entrepreneur, Run your own Business & Make money from anywhere (some call this being a digital nomad)

Develop your self to become more Productive - Super Human Style

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Work from ANYWHERE in the world! (You don't need a job! AND you don't need to be stuck in an office)

For Financial Freedom

Here Are Some General Rules For Success


The key is to find a good “system” a good business model. I have outlined this in my ebook so I won’t get into it now.


You need to make a conscious decision. It is only when you DECIDE that you want it bad enough and you are ready to commit that things will start happening for you.


IMPLEMENT IT! Actually go through the steps and create it! This applies to everything. Not just financial freedom but it can also apply to weight loss. It’s like people who want to lose weight but still eat fatty food. It’s the same with business. Once you follow the advice and the steps from proven methods, you will actually succeed.


Make sure this doesn’t become your next job! Make sure you set it up, then as it makes money, hire people to do the work for you.


Keep track. Track your numbers, even if its just 2 minutes a day or once a week. Make sure you know what is going on. Even if you leave it for a few months like I do for months at a time, you can pick it up where you left off. This depends on the business model you pick of course!



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This is where I get all my themes from. I love this site. You can even get a nice theme for other things too like invites or flyers. I especially like it for wordpress themes. Especially if you start creating many websites. Not only do you want to host them at different sites but you also want to get a different theme for each site you own. That way you will win.