“I hate my job” were my famous last words! How I quit my job & used it to fund my freedom

Working Hard Fair enough, hating your job is a first World problem, but there are few things in life as dreadful as a job you hate. It’s not fun feeling like someone else is renting out your mind for 40-60 hours a week. It’s not easy when you can’t stand the people you didn’t choose to work with. If you feel like it is not right, it probably isn’t. No one should have to put up with that.

One thing I hear from people who quit their jobs is “I should of done it earlier”. Don’t be too haste though. There are a few smart things you can do before you quit in order to set yourself up for life.

I have only ever had one job I truly hated. I used to tell my boyfriend that “I don’t want to go to work today, I hate my boss”. Besides my boss’s retarded-ness, I just didn’t understand how it was possible that I have worked this hard, only to be reporting to someone who shouldn’t have been allowed to graduate high school, let alone run a company? All I used to do is complain about him and it consumed my life into this negative spiral from hell.

My boyfriend felt sorry for me but we needed the money. So I kept grudgingly getting up in the morning and reluctantly commuting to work to go to a prison I felt I could not escape from. Luckily I broke free from that misery and I am now happier than ever.

The light bulb went off

It is not easy being in a job you hate. In the meantime you can use this as an opportunity to do something better with your life. Start stashing away some cash. Realise that this job is not all that is, it is not the end. Use it to your advantage. Start using your job as a vehicle for helping you get where you want to be rather than being stuck in a rut, depressed and miserable.

What if you could see your day job as a tool that will help you move forward. A tool that will help you live a lifestyle that you actually deserve. Look at your dead end job as a way to keep you afloat while you work on your real dream. Your next dream business that will bring you freedom.

Starting your own business is easier than you think. Certain businesses have a low barrier of entry. This means some businesses have less obstacles that make it less difficult to enter a given niche market. A dream business is one that is cheap to start up. Granted every business needs start-up money, but some less than others.

This blog for example cost me less that $50 to set up. More on this in my other post on How to start a blog. Before you start anything though, you should download my 7 fail proof ways of starting a business. This is something I wish someone told me when I started!

If you use your job to put aside some money while you set up your own shop then you will be rollin’ and they will be hatin’. Some ideas are that you can start an online store, start selling ebooks, start affiliate marketing, start a blog etc (there are many more ways to make money online here). You can fire your boss and live like you are meant to live.

You can take holidays when you wish and don’t need anyone to approve anything. That whole 4 weeks annual leave a year thing is absolute hog wash. Who ever invented that is an evil, evil person.

Make money while on vacation

Eating Watermelon BeachA better approach is using your time to do what you really want to do. Setting yourself up to earn a residual income is the way to go hands down. Work now and reap the benefits later. I can go on holiday now and still earn money while I am at the beach eating juicy sweet watermelon. You see if you are selling something online or have staff working for you, then you can do anything you like and the business keeps going. The money keeps coming in while you are sleeping. If you are working 40 hours a week then when you stop working you stop getting paid. There is no momentum from what you are doing.

What keeps you stuck at work is that you see it as a cage where you cannot get un-stuck. Change your perspective now. Start seeing the light and start preparing for the day that you will quit your job.

How do you know starting your own business is right for you?

If like me you hate being told what to do, then you have a spirit of an entrepreneur.
If you think the 4 week holiday a year is ridiculous and unfair then join the club!
If some people at work did your head in so bad it made you depressed or you have a boss from hell that is controlling and just a horrible person in general then hurray because this could be the push you need to get started to venture off on your own.

The law.

Now some of you may think what I am about to say is airy fairy bullshit. I assure you that it is not. This is how it is in life. Complaining about hating your job and thinking your boss is a massive ass wipe, only brings more of that into your life. The more you think about it, the more it will bring on what you don’t want. The more I talked about it, and talked about everything I didn’t want, the harder it was for me to see outside that circle and start creating the life I did want. What was I spending my time doing? Complaining! Which brought me no where. Which brought everyone I complained to down. People were sick of hearing it! I was losing sight and going in the wrong direction!

Rather than resisting my job, I started embracing the idea of working for myself. This was a life changer. My whole perspective was renewed. No longer was I bashing my head against a rock. I started to get excited about the fact that I was going to have so much free time and be happy earning a living online. I started researching and reading everything I could about it. It started to consume me in a very positive way.

The more I was thinking about it, the more ideas started to come to me easily. I would get ideas in the shower and while walking to work. I had to stop and write my ideas down, I was out of control. You see, once you start focusing on something, your mind will help you. If you focus on the negative, you will only get more of that negative. It is very true what they say about positive thinking. It is very very very true. We are what we think about.

Is it time to turn your adversary into an ally? Maybe this is what is holding you back?

After my e-commerce business failed, I had to get a job. It was that or starve. Unlucky for me, I got a job I hated and and now I started again, fresh and new. With more knowledge that I wish someone told me about when I jumped in! Don’t make the same mistake I made. Make sure you are well prepared and well educated before you quit your job and launch yourself into a business you know nothing about.

I went to work happier because I knew it was not my everything. I was packing a lunch and living very cheaply, putting away all the money I could into a high interest bank account. Instead of going out for drinks I would read everything I could about starting a business and write down my plan. It is always easier to write out your whole business on paper (or in Excel – as I did) rather then just blindly jump in (which I previously did as well). Sure enough, I did hit some road bumps along the way because I had no one to teach me but I made it in the end. I earn a nice income online now and I can do what I want.

Be grateful for your job (for now) and use it as a time saver to earn some money that you can put away. Start getting ready. Start reading and making a plan. Write down your goals. There is a better road ahead for you. The turning point is now. Do something with it.

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  1. Hi Anna, well done. There certainly is a large learning curve ahead for anyone wanting to make a living online. Especially if your doing it all yourself by trial and error. Keep up the good work. Have followed you on FB

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