About Me

How I Became An Internet Entrepreneur

(And How You Could Too)

Who am I? Well, I love internet marketing, blogging, traveling, e-commerce and health!

In my heart I always felt like there was something bigger, something more I should be doing with my life.

I was sick of working in a call center and I sucked at waitressing, so I started learning about how I could make money online while traveling. I wanted to see the world. But I was broke. I did some waitressing but that sucked. I was so crap at it. I used to accidentally knock things over and brake anything made of glass. My life was going no where really so I started to look for ways I could make money online. Embarrassingly enough, I got ripped off. I got scammed more than a few times. I bought some bullshit money making systems that were too good to be true and were never going to work. Just a huge waste of money and an even bigger waste of time learning and trying them out.

To save myself, I ended up learning how to do some programming for an agency while I was doing some boring admin jobs but got over that pretty quick and I left the corporate world and the “working in an office” life and I decided to go work on private yachts in Florida.

It was awesome for about 5 minutes and then I got sick of working with the same 5 people on the same boat for 8 months and my job was basically cleaning the yachts interior and cleaning their luxurious toilets.

With all my savings, I ended up buying a cheap $1,400 car, driving 3 days by myself from Florida to go back to Ontario, Canada, and 4 days after that I was on a plane to Australia. I had no idea what I was doing with my life. I figured I could always work in a coffee shop or something.

I ended up making friends with this girl and we started a fashion business together. I partnered up with her trying to start a business design clothes and selling them online. I decided I would take a risk and live off my credit cards to start up this business with her. I used my coding skills to build the website. (So amazing how times have changed! You don’t even need to code to build a website these days). Anyway, we worked over 70 hours a week. I have to admit, I did enjoy going to all the fashion shows but I had no idea about anything in the fashion world. I had no idea what I was doing and I didn’t even realise how hard it was to make it in this industry. I wish I knew then what I know now! I would have done the research first (which I teach in my ebook).


Long story short, I racked up a huge credit card debt. Such a huge debt I did not even have the guts to look at how much I owed. It was a LOT. I racked up over $150,000 worth of debt. I literally have no idea at which point it got so out of hand. I kept trying to save the business and spending more money to salvage this thing but in the end I just cut all my losses and left the idea of “making it”.

I was struggling & could not even pay the minimum payments on my credit cards. I had 4 credit card companies calling me almost every day and I could not handle it anymore. I then went and got another office job that I absolutely hated. I thought programming was boring and I eventually quit that corporate job because it was sucking the life out of my soul.

I finally decided enough is enough. I started hanging out in libraries using the free internet and reading everything I could about online business models and making money online. I read over 100 books. I met someone who was making a fortune with his e-commerce store selling random “rave” stuff online. It was so random but I was intrigued. He seemed to have the perfect life because he was partying all the time, travelling and he didn’t have to work, all the while making a ton of cash.

He told me all I had to do is find a small “niche market” and I could sell anything online.

I was hooked! I had to find out more. I started my own online store selling random stuff too. My first attempt eventually failed for me as well. Then after a few more debacles, a long learning journey and a lot of trial and error I finally found the perfect formula. This is the formula that you can get in my free book.

A formula I wish someone had thought Me from start to finish years ago!

After applying my formula for several years over and over again. I really started to love internet marketing because I was finding it so easy.

Since it was so easy for me to just rince and repeat this formula, I created an online empire. I currently own 52 websites. I am now armed with all the skills I need to easily make money online. At one point I got approached by a big company to do some consulting.

I started freelance business consulting. I got a contract with one of the 4 biggest banks in Australia. I was hired to do their online marketing.

I then (and still sometimes do now) get paid to help clients with their internet marketing. I got into Conversion Optimisation. What I do is I tweak a few elements websites to improve conversion (improve the amount of sales so you sell more while receiving the same traffic). This means that just by changing a few small things on the website, sales would improve. For one client (online hotel booking) I worked on, even improving something by 1% meant $22,000 a week increase of sales.

I started this blog because I wanted to inspire people like you to leave a job you hate and start earning a real honest income online. The more people that follow their heart and do what they love, the more the world will be a better place. You can do this! Anyone can. The more you do it, the more simple it will become and you will see that making a fortune online is easier than you think.

I want to help you. My goal is not to brag and I don’t want to come across that way. I just want you to follow YOUR heart and do what YOU love. I think if people make money online then they can quit their job and LIVE instead of just exist in a job they hate while running around on the same old treadmill every day.