PROOF! Anna Macko REAL Testimonial of Student & His RESULTS

Amazing results from a student inside The 2% Theory gaining 3 Bitcoin in a month

This is a story of how my student Mark, a former FOREX trader gave up that life to be a 2% Theory trader and made $100k in a month within 8 months!

English is not his first language and there is an interview with him below. Here is all the proof first as you can see the proof is in the pudding

The above is a screenshot from our facebook group [update: now discord] Mark has been consistently posting since May 2020 on a regular basis and his posts match his LIST OF TRADES which are downloaded from the software it’s self. These are all verified. This is SOLID proof. This is just ONE of his Accounts. Mark follows the 2% Theory rule of having backup accounts also. We don’t keep all our eggs in 1 Basket

Here Mark did a 0.4531 profit on a trade on January 9, 2021 and shared it to everyone in our facebook group. You can see later his entire portfolio and trades were shown.

You can clearly see that trade showing ETH was what he was trading. He was following my strategy EXACTLY and I said to ONLY TRADE ETH for this time period. It was the time to do it!

In January 2021 Mark hit his goal of creating 3 bitcoins! (2.99 bitcoins)

On February 2, when he shared this, here is the historical price of bitcoin $38,743

Therefore multiply 2.99 x $38,743 = $115,841.57 He finally hit his goal of $100k/month! in 8 Months

Keep in mind that Mark does not need to sell his Bitcoin at this price, He can keep it until it reaches $60,000 and that means this months 3 Bitcoins would be worth $180,000 roughly! or $207,000 when Bitcoin reaches $69,000

Pro Tip: For the bullruns, it is import to at least withdraw some! At least what you will need for the next 3 years. The rest you can keep trading bitcoin, even when the market crashes, we will change our strategy to SHORT, then we will make money on the way DOWN! The big red candles will tell you when it’s time!

Look at this chart my young grasshopper. Everyone is making money during this bullrun. Does it look like it’s time to stop? NO we continue going LONG here using 2% Theory style proper risk management and tools & rules. We use leverage in a safe way to create Bitcoin. Now even if Bitcoin FALLS – We will see RED candles. This is when we change direction and short.

Right now we go LONG to make money on the way up using leverage.

If you are not sure when, look at the chart, if you see a lot more RED then GREEN you will know the trend changed. The trend is your friend. Right now we are going up is the simple answer.

Everyone is making money at times like these. When it changes 95% of crypto investors will cry and whine all over the internet (prepare for this) there will be tons of FUD (fear uncertainty and doubt) but guess what we will be doing in our 2% Theory group? WE WILL STILL BE MAKING MONEY LOL

We will STILL be CREATING bitcoin, just like Mark here is creating ๐Ÿ™‚

If you want to join us, you can also create that bitcoin – even when the market goes up or down!

If you stay consistent like Mark here did, you can also have a $100k month! It is the best feeling in the world.

The first $100k you make is the hardest because you are grinding, trading, focusing, staying consistent and disciplined. It’s kind of like building muscle, every week, you put on a little bit of muscle, you have some set backs sometimes but you get back on the horse! As long as you keep playing by the rules, sticking with the correct strategy and repeating the motions, you will get to your goal!

Don’t give up! And Don’t listen to people on the internet crying about Crypto going down when it does. It doesn’t matter. We will still be making money, just switching strategy in accordance to the market direction.

Flow with it ๐Ÿ™‚

This is a screenshot of the FB post. The video is only found inside the FB group for his privacy
This is a screenshot inside the FB group, Mark did $8,000 and $10,000 the next month! This was December 2020
This is a screenshot from another good trade. Mark has been consistently posting in the Facebook group and is treating the 2% Theory like a full time job. Make hay while the sun shines! Learn the method and apply it!
What Mark means here by signal is that in our group, I give out alerts. When I am entering a trade or when something is important to pay attention to, you will receive an alert (notifications can be to your phone) and you can act accordingly! In this case, this made mark 0.0646 of a Bitcoin! These fractions of a bitcoin add up when you keep going and follow the 2% Theory rules.
More wins! I find it cool that Mark was posting his wins and his account proof. Now we have a channel dedicated to our student WINS ๐Ÿ™‚ It is so motivational

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