Why I quit Facebook

Over the last few days I have been trying to merge my personal facebook account with my business only facebook page. While I was adding my personal profile as an admin to my business page, it asked me for my password again then said that was an incorrect password and BOOM it banned me.

The only way to get the page back is to upload Government Issued ID. (Which is absurd!) I refuse to upload my ID and you should too! Hello identity theft! I read some forums and found out that even after those ID’s were uploaded, they received no response. Once your facebook page is gone, it is very very very hard to get it back. They don’t respond so good bye all those hours you spent on it.

facebook asking to upload government personal id

What you can do to prevent losing your contacts

Start telling your friends to contact you through your email or website because it all can get taken away from you in an instant. Make sure you always have a second way of getting in touch with your readers or your friends because if someone hacks into your account, you are screwed. Also if you post something they don’t like, you will also get banned.

There is software that tried to guess your password and if someone hacks into your account it will also be hard to get it back. If you choose to upload all your government ID, then that goes straight to the CIA – who funds facebook by the way.

Facebook and the whole organisation is creepy

Facebook is really scary, they track you after you leave their site, and it’s been reported they have installed face recognition software that digitalizes your image and sends it to various spy agencies, like the CIA and Israel’s Mossad. More info on the creepiness of FB

introducing tracebookFacebook is also very controlling. They have people who read everything and ban certain posts if they don’t like them. They even banned a site called NaturalNews.com for posting a Gandhi quote. They ban any posts if you write anything about what Obama doesn’t want the public to know. They also ban anyone posting a pro-gun opinion. So it is NOT free speech on Facebook (or shall we call it Tracebook?) at all. So much for free rights to public opinion. They are very controlling over what can be posted or not.

Here is a video showing how scary facebook actually is.

Too much information

People, out of their own will, publicly post where they live, what their political and religious views are, who all their friends are, who they associate with, who they follow, their likes, dislikes, their personal email, phone numbers, where they went to school, where do they work, who are they dating etc etc… Not only do you become a marketers dream but also a dream come true for the CIA.

Even Zuckerberg is saying “Facebook is the best tool for population control ever created” Now is that not creepy and evil to you? It is to me.

If you Do use facebook for fun, then just be careful what information you willingly give them.

The way I make more money

When you have a business the best way to stay in touch with your users is through an email list. I wrote a post on How to build a list of emails and I recommend you check that out.

To me, Facebook is used for advertising your business using the paid ads, and also to stay in touch with readers and friends. From now on I will not use it for the latter. I will only use it for marketing because after all facebook is a marketers dream. If you post an ad on facebook you can target people by sex, age, relationship status and keywords they use in their profile or their private messages. Oh ya by the way those private messages are not private.

So if you know your audience and your target market is women between 25-30 who like yoga then you can easily target them through Facebook ads. THAT is what I think facebook should be used for if you run your own business online and want to advertise.

Facebook is a waste of time

I did not even realise but I was spent 2 hours of my precious time this morning on facebook. Time I could have taken to do more productive things. I don’t think you can make a lot of money from facebook. There are better simpler ways! It is just a massive waste of time in my opinion.

Now that my fan page is banned from myself being able to login, I am encouraging my facebook friends to only contact me via email and of course I have them in my phone.

I am not the only one who is quitting facebook. Many have before me and many will after me. Smart people are jumping ship and for very good reason!

Facebook basically gives you the emotional feeling that you’re doing something worthwhile – communicating with people basically – but no.. you are not

If you think that you need facebook to keep up with your friends then you will notice that if you delete your account, your friends will call you and you will call them. You will go have drinks with them or meet for dinner and they will fill you in on anything significant that you may have missed. Most facebook updates are just a load of meaningless noise – none of it is real communication and you surely don’t gain any value from it.

If you delete facebook, then yoou will have your time back. Your life will be more meaningful and you will have time to do more productive things!

Facebook’s business model is essentially based on getting you to spend more time on their site. Their plan is to get you addicted to it. I find no gain from spending so much time on facebook. I rather connect with my readers through comments on my website. What I really prefer is in person.

Facebook tracks what you do after you log off which is illegal

Facebook are looking at a $10-15 billion dollar fine from the Justice Department because Mark Zuckerberg and and his crew are doing highly illegal things like tracking your movements after you log off your computer.

Be very careful what information you post on there.

fb share priceTracebook is failing. The share prices are dropping and it is going down hill big time. It was at $38 last year and one year later today it is just over $25. People are realising now that it is used for security agencies like the C.I.A & Mossad. People have been dropping from facebook and smart people refuse to join in the first place.

I prefer to invest my time elsewhere

I have decided that Facebook’s value isn’t worth the hassle to use it. After my fan page got banned and all the fiddling around I had to do and information they asked me to upload, I concluded that for me, the simplest and best way to go from here is to drop the service altogether and spend my time doing something I rather be doing.

If you are someone who is upset with me because I left and you still don’t understand why I am leaving then I am sorry you feel that way. Things change, people change and maybe its for the best. Things will get better from here…

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  1. HI Anna. What a Great Post! with all the FB changes going o all the time you can waste quite a bit of time trying to figure everything out. I to have had some problems with FB and I actually do not use this site a whole lot anymore. Thanks for sharing.. Chery 🙂

  2. O yess… what a waste of time it is… I wake up, stretch and find myself laying in bed sometimes for an hour and half scrolling through dumb videos… why?? lol ill be saving my pictures and deleting my page today. Will have one for business and only business.

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