Surround Yourself With Positive People

Surround Yourself With Positive People

People’s energies are contagious. Involve yourself only with those you want to be like.

Yes, you heard me right – it is your duty to yourself to choose who you hang around with. Why? Because it makes a great impact on you (and your life).

How People’s Energies Affect You

People are like sponge, and we suck in energy from emotions, feelings and reactions from other people. Now, this is ok, once in a while – such as when you sympathize with someone if they are going through some tough times. We help each other out by being there, listening and offering support to our friends and loved ones.

However, there are those people that simply have that negative vibe about them constantly. Yeah, like every minute, every second of the day. They’re called pessimists, and they actually hurt themselves and the people around them too.

Pessimists – you should definitely avoid them at all cost. For some reason, they always see the negative side of everything. They always have something bad or discouraging to say. Well, that’s why they’re called pessimists in the first place.

You will notice that a lot of pessimists are not successful. And that’s because their negative energies can’t attract anything good. They fail and fail again because they expect to fail. And if they experience success, they don’t expect it to last – so that’s what happens.

Surround Yourself with Positive Energy

Like I said, negative people will have a negative effect on you too. You won’t feel their support in what you do because they will tell you that your plans and actions are bound to fail. Also, you can’t expect them to support your big dreams. They will actually point out to you why your goals are impossible and unreachable.

Do you get what I mean? These people are not your cheering squad. They’re your worst enemies when it comes to achieving your goals and dreams. And that’s why you should stay away from them.

To be happy in life, we want to be able to accomplish our goals. You can do everything you want to, of course, but you also need positive reinforcement. You know, family members who are happy to support your plans and friends who will cheer you on and encourage you when you are facing challenges. Those are the kind of people you want in your life.

Yes, I have proven it again and again in my life and my business. When I hang around friends who are always supportive and have positive mental attitude, I tend to accomplish more in life. They add to the inspiration to achieve more and dream for even bigger dreams.

Yeah, I have my own share of not-so-positive friends too. And although they’re ok and I love them too, I try to avoid hanging out with them too much. I just don’t want their negative energies rubbing off on me and holding me back from pursuing my goals. I even know of some people who are simply depressing to have around.

I like hanging out with my positive friends better – a lot better – especially those who are just as ambitious as I am. Yeah, we compare notes and share success stories and make even bigger plans and then support each other’s ambitions. Those are the kinds of friends you want to hang around with.

Positivity in Business

Oh, and it’s not just in your personal life. Even in business, look for positively charged people to work with. You know, when I hire people for my Company, I always try to gauge their personalities too. I like hiring those that have cheerful and positive dispositions because they are very easy to work with. They are also the kind of people who can really help the business grow because they have the right attitude.

All in all, I also aim to have a positive environment within my Company. Yes, even if my business is based online, I still need to interact with my employees. So I make it a point that we have open communication and good relationship even if we are only corresponding through emails and chats.

So I have all these people working for me and we are all working towards a common goal. As their leader, one of my roles is to stay positive no matter what the situation is. Yes, of course, we experience problems and mishaps in the business too (that’s normal). But I always make it a point to keep my cool so that I don’t offend anyone and that every mistake is fixed smoothly.

Just imagine if you have a boss who always gets mad at the little things. Or blows up every time something goes wrong. That’s one stressful workplace! You don’t want to work in that environment whether you’re the employer or the employee. It’s simply to stressful for everyone and it’s really bad for business too.

My Secret

That’s one of the secrets to being successful, by the way – surrounding yourself with positive people. I have always been a positive person myself and I don’t usually surround myself with pessimists both for personal and business reasons.

If you know my story, then you know that I was in debt about 10 years ago. And if I surrounded myself with pessimists back then, I probably would have never made it. But then, I had positive and supportive friends, so that helped a lot.

My online businesses became successful because of hard work and positive attitude. And just a few years ago, I also invented the Loving Not Working formula which is a course that teaches entrepreneurs to set up an online business on autopilot. Yeah, it gets better and better every day because eventually, you won’t have to work at all once everything is properly set up.

I only launched the course this year and it’s already a success. And I just keep adding new stuff to make it even better too – yeah, all the lessons are evaluated and improved over time. I love working on it and all my employees are happy to be working on it too. See what a positive working environment can do?

Look at Yourself and Where You’re At

I hope my real life story and experiences inspired you. Now, take a look at yourself and evaluate your own positivity meter. Are you a positive person and are you always surrounding yourself with positive people?

My advice for you is to just surround yourself with positive energy all the time – it will influence your life and your career. You can also look at the people you are always hanging around with. If you don’t want to be like them, then lessen your exposure to them. Because believe me, their own energies will really rub off on you.

Instead, be with the people you look up to. Yes, the happy, successful people who are leading wonderful, productive lives. Hang out with them, listen to them and be inspired to do your best in everything.

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