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Why I don’t work on my Adsense sites anymore

If you haven’t read How to make money blogging working a few hours a month which explains how I made $32,137.57 in one year doing 0 Work then go read it.

This post is kind of a continuation of why I don’t work on those sites anymore. Basically just over a year ago my sites were making me a nice $3,000 a day and I got hit by Google Penguin which targeting adsense sites that were doing dodgy backlinking such as using sites like Build My Rank to create links. After Build My Rank went down I listened to the hype “SEO is dead” bla bla bla which is 100% not true. SEO is still live and kicking and the proof is in the pudding.

Does Adsense still work in 2013 and will it still work in 2014?

In short yes. And this was proves because some of my sites recovered after I cleaned up the backlink profile. But after that happened I pursued a different way to make money online and I left those sites behind. However when I looked at them I found that you still can make a nice little income off adsense by doing nothing. Imagine if I did something! Imagine if I kept working on them, kept researching profitable keywords and kept posting articles! I would be earning more and more money from it!

I am working on something else now and I mention in to my inner circle (those who are signed up to my email list). If you are just starting out online. Adsense is a nice little passive income earner which is why I like it. One thing I am working on and got loads of value out of is this.

I did make one mistake though. That is to create dozens of odd sites. If I was to do it all again and start from scratch I would only create 1 site and make it really really big. Having a lot of sites means a lot of maintenance. You have to backup your sites, update the wordpress software when new updates come out. And honestly, having one site with a thousands of links is better than having hundreads of sites with hundreads of links. That just dilutes your link building!

I wish someone told me this when I started but now I am telling you so I hope you appreciate it and use this information when building your business. Don’t have lots and lots of sites! Have one only. To be honest I still have a few sites because I started them and now I hold on to them. When its passive income then why stop it all together? I just leave the websites running life, I don’t work on them.. and I still earn money from them which is cool. I worked hard at the beginning and I can relax now.

You would be surprised but for the last few months, even though I do not have a job, I still enjoy writing and reading and I enjoy teaching people things. But I would not really do nothing. There is always something I like doing. So even when you are making good money, do something to help people! Donate money to charity or whatever, help the kids, whatever you like doing. Go traveling and learn about other cultures. Just do something for other people. And you will see you will be in a much better position to help people once you have money than when you have no money.

Anyway. Be good and if you haven’t already, download my free ebook. It will help you out.

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