How to make money blogging working a few hours a month

The story of how I made $32,137.57 doing NO work!

How To Make Money Blogging With Adsense

If you can remember and actually get off your ass and act on what I am about to tell you then I promise you that you will have an awesome strategy on how to make some passive income online.

This is not my primary income. This is something I started working over a year ago and I left it so I can pursue other things. The whole way I made over $2,600 a month these last 12 month by doing no work is so simple when you understand the money on the internet to be made is billions and billions of dollars so if you work hard at tapping into that you will make a lot of money and if you work a little bit then you will make a little bit of money. I made $2,600/month this year totalling $32,137.57 for the tax year working a very very tiny little bit! All my work was done at the start!

This is something really exciting that I wanted to share with you. Well I am not that excited because it’s tax time and I hate doing tax. I have to summarize and show the tax man my income coming from here and there and I live in excel for about a few days entering all my expenses and writing up all my write offs (which is everything if you own a blog – so thats cool!) but anyway, I am also happy because I came up with a great idea I wanted to share because there is something that I have been neglecting for the past year and I had a look to see if I had any income from there and boom! $32,137.57 in a year for doing NO work.

Technically it was not “NO WORK” at the beginning – At the beginning is where all the work happened – However it was definitely turned into absolutely “NO WORK” this whole year. Zero, Nada, Zilch, I did not spend one minute working on my Adsense sites yet I still made over 32k from it! I have been neglecting my Adsense blog project for about a year. I did not do one single thing with it all year. It was completely animated on auto-pilot and there is the proof. Now I will have to pay tax on that which is annoying but I will also write another blog post later on how to get around that by having lots of incomes and even setting up your online business in another country so you can pay less tax. (Not no tax – sometimes tax is good because it helps schools and roads.. but anyway this post is not about tax) This post is about how to make money blogging working only a few hours a month to set it up, so here we go.

The way I did this is at first I created an adsense blog. I then created a few of them. The cost to do this is $10 to buy the domain name. I choose my blog name carefully because I use a keyword and there is a science to keyword research that I will explain. So don’t buy a domain until you understand that. That’s how I did it then but now I would just create 1 website and just work on that. But anyway I have my other websites I pay $10 a year for the domain name and thats fine. It doesn’t bother me because those sites make me money.

After that I set up wordpress on my domains. I install it myself but you can hire a programmer to do it too. It should not cost you more than $100. But if you learn how to do it yourself you can save money.

I then signed up with Google Adsense. Google basically partners up with millions and millions of websites and places advertisements on other people’s sites. It’s free for the website owner. The people who pay are companies like ebay, amazon or any kind of online store or website that wants to advertise its products or services.

Google pays out billions of dollars to people like me who own blogs that have adsense on them. When people advertise on my blogs, I get a % of the money which Google pays me into my bank account at the end of every month. I see that money but I don’t pay much attention to it because I have money coming in from everywhere. I pay attention to it at tax time when I have to write my income and expenses.

Anyway, once you sign up with adsense and have your website. Start by writing some articles about something you like to talk about. This can be anything: fashion, beauty, cars, health, food, computers, wakeboaring… whatever it is that you like, just write some blog posts about it. Add a new page, and call it About me, or About us (Pages->Add Page-About me), add come contact info (an email will do) choose your template etc..

Then add Google Analytics to your account which is also free. (you can search my blog for more on Google Analytics)

You have to let your new website get found by google so go write some comments on related blogs so that Google can pick up your website in their index. One your new site is coming up for its domain name then you can add the adsense code which is explained in adsense.

Once you install the adsense code on your site, Google’s robots read the articles on your site and will display ads that match the content. This system makes a lot of money for Google and Google gives you a % of that money.

Many people don’t make this work because they don’t do the proper keyword research. They do useless keyword research. Keyword research for SEO is much different. First of all, if you have a new site, you should be targeting easy keywords to rank for in google. Not high traffic super hard keywords. I get into that in my ebook and my emails so make sure you sign up for that if you want to master proper keyword research.

Here is the jist of it:

For example, a company that sells Student Loan Consolidation is paying more than $2 to buy a click (or a visit) for a person that gets on Google and types student loan related keywords because they are looking to consolidate a loan. I decide to write some content about student loans and Google automatically puts their ads on my site (Through a code I copied and pasted into my wordpress blog admin). One of the people that was visiting my site clicks that ad and they go to Student Loan Consolidation’s Website and do whatever they do. I don’t care what they do. I just made $1. You see The Student Loan Consolidation Company pays
Google $2, of which Google gives me half ($1). As soon as I can make that happen 66 times a day, I make $2,000 per month.

If your goal is to make $2,000 per month, you have to get 66 clicks per day
that are worth $1 each. If your goal is to make $10,000 per month then you have to get 334 clicks per month. So do more keyword research and write more content!

Out of more than 10,000,000 bloggers in our world about 95% of them never make money from their blog. Some of them try Adsense but they fail cause they don’t do the proper keyword research and they don’t get the traffic.

If you are going after the wrong keywords, you won’t make money, even if you write 10,000 articles!

You have to find profitable topics for your site and it also has to be something you like so that you can write articles about it. The articles stay online forever which is why you can keep making money from it even when you are not working. Do something once, yet keep getting paid for it!.

This post is longer than I though and If you want to learn more about getting traffic to your site get my free ebook.

To find Keyword Research strategies for Adsense, I will give the lessons for that to my email list so make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss out.

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