How to Convert Traffic Into Sales

convert traffic

We are going to discuss on convert traffic which will help you to increase your product sell. Just keeping reading.

Fact: Your site’s traffic should convert into sales if you want to make money from it. Yes, the traffic that goes to your website or blog is basically useless if it doesn’t convert. But if your traffic represents actual buyers, then you can expect to make a high percentage of sales.

Offline Vs Online Marketing

I’m sure you have experiences with offline marketers – I guess they’re better known as salesmen or sales people. They’ll go to your house and give you their sales pitch so as to convince you to buy their products.

It’s quite the same with Internet Marketing, although you don’t need to knock on door to door to find your customers. Instead, you work on sending them as traffic to your website or blog. It is then on your site that you present your audience with your offer via a sales page.

So you see, your site does the work for you again and again – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And that’s the beauty of it – because you don’t need to wear yourself out by going after 1 buyer at a time such as if you’re searching for customers in an offline scenario.

Still, you need to make sure that a high percentage of the traffic on your site converts.

The Secret to High Conversion

I have been into Internet Marketing for more than 10 years now and have tested a lot of ways to convert traffic. There are different approaches to this, but one of the best ways to do it is to educate your audience (your buyers) first.

The traditional way to sell something is to promote it, I know. But an even more effective way is to make people want to buy your product by learning more about it.

You need to remember that your customers need to trust you – so make sure that you build a relationship with them first. Your posts should be personal and not “robotic” so that they will be able to see the real you and begin to trust you.

Once you have established yourself as a knowledgeable Market Leader, you can present your site visitors with a problem-solution approach. The problem is a need and the solution is your product.

An example would be the course that I am offering to my students – it’s called Loving Not Working (LNW). In this particular example, the problem is how to make money online and I teach fool-proof methods on how to do it. So, my students will know how to really make money online once the course is finished.

How the Formula Works

It is not wise to make a sales pitch without educating your customers first because they will lack the knowledge to make a decision. But if you focus on educating them first and showing them the problem and the solution, they will feel empowered and capable of making an intelligent decision. So you see, they won’t need a lot of convincing because they will be able to decide for themselves that they indeed need the product that you are selling.

Targeted Traffic Equals More Sales

So that is how you can convert traffic into sales. With this approach, you don’t even need to worry about driving thousands of traffic to your site because just hundreds of traffic (targeted traffic) can successfully convert into sales.

Internet Marketers who practice this method report an increase of up to 50% on their site’s conversion, which is really good. I use this technique myself and can really attest to its effectiveness too. Try it and let me know how it works out with your site’s conversion, okay?

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