The Story Behind Loving Not Working

The Story Behind Loving Not Working

With the successful launch of Loving Not Working (LNW) last year, a lot of people are asking me about the inspiration behind the course. It’s been more than 10 years now since the concept of LNW came about, even though I was not calling it that back then and it also came a long way since… So this question makes me feel somewhat nostalgic on the events and experiences that led to the creation of the LNW coaching program.

Finally, I am revealing the story behind the LNW training.

Looking Back

I was a regular employee before I became an online entrepreneur. You wouldn’t believe the types of jobs I had in the past. I worked at a call center and also at a bar. I was really clumsy as a waitress, by the way, as I always broke things (LOL – well, sure I can laugh about it now).

There was also a time when I worked on private yachts – as a cleaner. Now there’s nothing glamorous about that job as I even had to clean toilets. I was also a web developer for some time in the corporate world. There are so many other things I did but that is not what this article is about.

I also tried partnering up with a friend and started a fashion business – but that didn’t turn out well too. I actually incurred a large debt because of that business partnership – and that’s why that experience taught me not to partner up with anyone again (I discourage partnerships in LNW however if you do realise partnership is like a marriage and you 100% trust your partner then it could work out for you. It just didn’t for me).

The web development and the fashion business exposed me to Internet Marketing because we sold our products online. So even if my first attempt at an online business failed (miserably), that introduced me to the concept of making money online. And that’s the path I took from then on.

More Challenges Up Ahead

At this point, I really didn’t have much to move on, mind you. I was $150,000 in debt and credit card Companies were calling me all day long every single day – that was a nightmare! When I look back at that time in my life, I still get teary eyed. It even got so bad that I was homeless for a while – imagine that! I cut all my expenses, I was eating really cheaply, getting by on potatoes and noodles. It was the lowest point of my life.

Still, I knew it in my heart that things would get better. The Internet was booming then and I have been hearing stories about people making money online.

The Internet Saved My Life

I guess my journey to online success started when I decided to capitalize on the booming Internet back then. I had learned programming and coding but the corporate world wasn’t for me. It’s funny because now you don’t even need programming and coding skills to build websites.

And then I met this guy who’s an Internet entrepreneur. We had a really good talk and I found out that he’s making a lot of money selling stuff online. And the thing is – he was partying all the time and doesn’t seem to be working at all. Hey, I wanted that kind of life and lifestyle. Well, maybe not too much the partying all the time part but the “not working” part and the “making a lot of money” part. Yeah, I would love not to work and still make a lot of money.

Can you smell the concept behind Loving Not Working brewing in the background now?

So anyway, this successful online entrepreneur told me that the secret to all his fortune is to find a small niche where I can sell stuff too. So I immediately got into this and starting looking for products I could sell online too.

It was really hard, believe me, because I didn’t even have a decent computer back then. And I was was staying on my friend’s couch at this point in a studio apartment. It wasn’t even a couch, it was a round bean bag which was used as the couch. I had no Internet connection, but there were public libraries with free Internet where I lived, so that’s how I started to learn the ropes of the business – living at the library basically.

The Loving Not Working formula was the result of my own experiences through the trial and error method. But I was also lucky enough to get some advice which led me down the right path.

It was hard figuring most of it all out, but finally I found the perfect method to making money online. I will not claim that all my ideas are original, but I did invent a few marketing strategies on my own. I was combining things together and creating steps and methods to make the whole system work – well, LNW has techniques and strategies that are not found anywhere else.

Fast Forward to Today

I am proud to say that LNW really REALLY works. It has survived the test of time and it’s still going strong each day.

I am loving not working for about 10 years now because I have already established an online empire that gave me financial freedom.

“Loving not working” doesn’t mean we never work. It means we take the time we need to set up our business, but we do it in a way where if we walk away then it will keep earning an income and everything will be fine. We are planting money making seeds. These seeds grow into little money trees and if we keep looking after them they get even bigger. Some of my trees I have not touched in 2 years and they still make me money. (money trees are websites and platforms)

Moving Forward

Just last year, I decided to package up my coaching program and share my LNW formula to fellow Internet Marketers. It just breaks my heart to see 90% of aspiring online entrepreneurs fail again and again – because I’ve been there. I can imagine the heartache and frustrations that aspiring entrepreneurs are going through just because they don’t have someone to guide them and show them the way.

I add more and more lessons every year. I keep perfecting it and improving it so it just gets better and better.

Come and Join us over inside the LNW Class

If you want to join the LNW class, it’s really easy – just register to the course. Everyone in the class will welcome you with open arms as LNW students support one another. I will always be there to support each and every student too – because that’s my commitment to the course and to my students.

The story behind LNW is filled with challenges and frustrations, as you can see. And if you’re experiencing the same things I went through in the past, you should be happy because help is finally here.

I am Anna Macko, creator of the LNW formula. I can help you fulfill your dreams of loving not working.

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