Anna Macko

Quitting my Corporate Job

Post by: Matt Black

Have you ever sat in a room and thought that the decent people are outnumbered by the flogs that have become so indoctrinated with corporate BS that they actually believe it is real? These same people that would happily crush you and do anything to make themselves look slightly more appealing, to the even more ruthless and brainwashed flog who sits upstairs.

I was selling my soul to the devil for some cash… and then I woke up

I am one of many who woke up day after day and continued to trudge my way through an existence or at least a job that I had come to hate. A middle of the road corporate existence that is so intangible that some days you actually wonder what it is that you get paid for?

It is true that I got a free car and around $70,000 a year but is it a fair exchange for what you have to give in return?

That moment when you work out you are a hamster in a wheel

This is not to say that I wasn’t good at the role. It is just that the unpredictable moments had become predictable. You know it’s time for a new challenge when you work in sales and during meetings there is a little voice in your head that is saying “now this is part where you say..” and then I say….

Same bullshit job day after day

What is it about big Companies that insist everybody have the same bullshit behaviours? In my extensive experience the whole thing comes down to being able to talk about how you demonstrate these behaviours, whilst actually having nothing to do with how you actually behave and treat other people.

What ever happened to the good old fashioned; work hard and do the right thing or we will give you the arse and you will need to find another job? It seems these days there is nothing more offensive than being REAL. What I mean by this is that in a corporate environment they don’t want you to be REAL, they want you to be full of shit. You will get a lot further in the corporate environment if you are full of shit. As in if you suck up to the right people and never say anything that contradicts your boss even if he or she is wrong.

I quit my job! So Happy! So Free!

Finally, I find myself out of this system that crushes originality and suppresses your instincts to be honest or truthful; out of fear of reprisals from somebody higher up the corporate ladder.

Will working for the man get you rich?

The grass can be a lot greener when you take the plunge and get out. Nobody ever really got richer or happier for that matter through working for the man.

So what now? Let the adventure begin because we are about to find out. Here is to Day 1 of what the future will hold.

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