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Make $500 per day! A little nutty but funner than a “job”

Once in a while I am asked how to get money to start an online business so I am sharing today a fun way that you can make $500 per day. You don’t need any kind of special skills to do this either. But first I want to start off by saying that to start an online business, you don’t even need a lot of money. You can start out small. I talk about this in my ebook but now in this particular blog post I wanted to chat a little about some random ways you can make money. This guy I met the other day is doing this and he makes $500/day. This is not online.. just something he does and I wanted to share it.

It may sound a bit silly to you but listen up. If you don’t have a job and you need some seed money to put into some online businesses then there is so much you can do. I will post more of these methods throughout my blog but one guy I met does this and it works really well for him. He tells me that these guys make a lot of cash and its a no-stress job. Plus you don’t have a boss to have to answer to.

They get paid in cash and make $500/day. Yes.. you heard me! There is NO excuse not to have money. All you have to do is open yourself up to possibilities. It doesn’t have to be this one but there are many other methods you can make money without having a boss!

My new friend, what he does is he drives to Vegas, then him and some other guys stand on Las Vegas Boul. outside in the street in costumes. Some are in super hero costumes. Some are in Horror movie characters. Bat man, Austin Powers, Easter Bunny.. whatever. So all these tourists, especially younger girls, run over to these characters and request to have their picture taken.

I also saw a guy doing this in New York City in Time square. He actually only wears underwear and a guitar.. but you don’t have to do that.

So these guys work on tips. There is no salary. Just the people who take photos with them give them tips. This is a form of street performing except their type of busking requires no skill at all. All you need is a costume and you work for tips. These guys make money! They make about $500/day. This guy I met just does it 3 days a week.. he drives up and drives back home and thats all he does because he enjoys his free time. He told me he went to London and did it there to in Covent Garden too. He said he made a mint!

I can hear you now say, “Oh I could never do that”. Bullcrap I say! These guys are in costumes! This makes you totally anonymous. No one will know who you are. You are wearing a mask and it covers your face. All you need is a really good costume, not some shitty one. You can probably rent one in a costume shop. For my 30th birthday, my friends and I rented some crazy costumes for a party I had but that’s another story!

Back to how to make $500/day. When you are standing there being silly and taking photos with tourists, you can be friendly and maybe have a bucket where people can put the cash in. Make it easy for people to give you tips. The easier and most visible & colourful your bucket or hat or can or where ever you have the tips in the better. Always be funny and smile. Don’t get angry at people if they don’t tip, instead be MORE goofy and crazy. Dance around or whatever.

If you want $500/day cash you can do this too. Find the touristy type of spots. Or if you can get somewhere on the cheap, you can drive there, get your $1,500 or $2,000 and do it every week or every other week. Get a good costume, something that people will recognise or have some humour. You got to be able to say “You do realise we are working for tips here?” or something like that.. because the people that talk to the tourists and suggest it are the ones that make most of the money. You too can make $500 per day.

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