10 ways to invest your money into shares

Guys and Gals, I woke up this morning and felt the strong urge to write this post. It is about investing in shares and I am going to give you my secrets on how I do this. This is still a form of making money online because it is still passive income. Not as safe as an online business however, it doesn’t take much work and its fun. All you have to do is keep an eye on it really.

If you are not investing your money – you should be! No matter what stage in life you are you should be taking a % of that money and putting it towards your future. The younger you are when you start this, the better however it is never too late to start.

These are the places where I invest my money. I am not taking any responsibility on if you win or lose money here, these are only my opinions and what I do. Investing is always a risk.

Poor people never invest because when poor people make money they spend it on crappy stuff (junk food, alcohol, clothes, makeup, cigarettes, cars). Middle class people spend it on higher ticket items (boats, nicer cars etc). Finally, rich people spend there money on ways to make more money! (real estate, shares, stocks and bonds, mutual funds, businesses etc)

First of all if you don’t invest and you smoke then quit smoking right now and use that money to invest in a bit of stocks or whatever. Be smart! Don’t be a retard. I used to smoke and blow my money drinking at bars when I one day started learning about investing and seriously its the best! You will find that buying crappy stuff is useless but investing, you are buying something that will make you money and you can buy more of it or use your dividends to then buy that crap you want (at least you are buying it with money you earned investing) but better yet, go traveling and learn about the world.

Shares are awesome. I met a guy in Thailand who gets $10,000 every 3 months from his shares so he decided to live in Thailand for 6 months of the year and he just lives off his dividends. You don’t need much money to live like a king in Thailand by the way.

What Australian shares to invest in 2013

Anyway here is what I buy with Australian Shares. I find Australia is more stable that US stocks.. I don’t have any long term US or Canadian stocks. I do play with daily trades also, when stock is about to go up, I buy it and sell it the next day for a nice little chunck of profit. Obviously I can’t list those because those are short term investing methods. Here are the long term stocks I bought:

1. Navitas Limited (NVT)

2. Woolworths Limited (WOW)

3. Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA)
UPDATE: I sold these and do not recommend this one.

4. Argo Investments Limited (ARG)

5. Tatts Group Limited (TTS)

6. Platinum Asset Management Limited (PTM)

7. Macquarie Group Limited (MQG)

8. Australia & New Zealand Banking Group Ltd (ANZ)

9. Vanguard Mega (MGV)

10. The Vanguard Total Bond Market (BND)

As a bonus I also have some UK shares which were set up by a company I used to consult for. These are Experian Shares. They set up the shares for me so I am not too sure how to set it up in England myself. I think the code for those shares is EXPN.L

How to start buying and selling shares

The way I started is I signed up with the commonwealth bank to buy shares. However, it was complicated and annoying and I hated it. Then I found a website called so I do it with them. It costs about $20 per trade but I like the website and its easy to look at the graphs so you can see how the company has been performing and how they did for the past 10 years.

Here is an example of the last 5 years with TTS. I love charts. Investing In Australian Shares Making money investing in Tatts Group Limited (TTS)[/caption]

The screenshot above is taken on a Saturday so trading is closed. You can trade Monday to Friday when the market is open.

Researching which stocks to buy for making a lot of money fast

Now if you don’t know how to do the research (which I don’t like doing really). There is a service that does the research for you. This service is a stock picking service that works for day traders and long term traders also. They pick stock that are about to make explosive moves. You can make a mint with this but don’t put all your money in one place. I would pick 5 or 10 or so stocks so you split your money up. It helps when you subscribe to a service that helps you trade daily.

How much money can you make buying shares?

This is pretty much unlimited and depends on how you invest. You can keep re-investing the money you make over and over to buy more and more. This is one way how people make millions quick! Here’s an example. Let’s say our average daily return on your stock picks is 15%. If you decide to invest $10k one day, equally among the several stock picks of that day you would make: $10,000 X .15 = $1,500 Yes, $1,500 profit for one day trading! You would be lucky if you could make 5% in any other investment in a year!

See this is why I don’t loooove investing in real estate. It takes so damn long to make some money and I always wanted to live now – in the moment! Not tie my money up for 10 years! (I’m not saying real estate is bad but for me, online business was the first way I was able to make money and investing were the way to go. I made money off some land too but I had to hold it for quite a few years before it made me anything so I find that real estate is more of a slow investment while daily trading is a quick investment and you can see your money grow much quicker!

One benefit of collecting dividends

I just want to remind you that I posted this info for free. I could of wrote an ebook about this and sold it, but instead, I do ask for a small favor, guys please once you start making money, donate a bit of that to a charity. I like kids charities but you can donate to anything you want. Sponsor a child in Africa or whatever, even just help a friend, as long as you do something! It’s a nice thing to do and the simple act of giving and helping someone other than yourself creates some magical sense of well-being and purpose in life.

Donations are tax deductible and personally I rather our money go to kids in need than to the government who may or may not spend it well. (I won’t be getting into that now lol)

Thank you!

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