Top 10 benefits of drinking water and how to develop this good habit

Drink More WaterMost people in the world are dehydrated. I once went to a naturopath and she told me I was. I thought it was just from being thirsty at that moment but that is not how it works. It can take a few days to rehydrate your body completely.

When you are dehydrated your cells start shrinking, they are no longer lovely plump healthy cells but dried up ugly unhealthy cells. When this happens, it damages or destroys cellular structure. This means if your body is lacking water, you can get a sore throat, dry skin, wrinkles, high blood pressure, feel irritated and many other not so pleasant things.

There are so many benefits of drinking water. I will list why is water important is how you can easily develop a habit to start drinking more of it.

Here are the water facts:

This is how to get Clear Skin

Does drinking water help acne? Oh yes, yes it does. I struggled with acne in my late adulthood. Acne is not just for teens. One habit I started doing is drinking 1.5 litres of water in the morning and also throughout the day. This flushed away the toxins that would normally form pimples on my skin. Pimples are now goneski. Something as simple as drinking loads of water will improve your skin. It will look brighter and more youthful.

The best remedy for Wrinkles

Get rid of “crow’s feet” around your eyes. Those sad looking eyes are from years of dehydration. Start drinking now.

Weight Loss – Lose Weight Without Trying

I have a friend who went to work in the hot mines in Australia and he drank 5 litres of water a day and the weight just melted off him. My dentist told me that her partner drank 3 litres a day and lost a heap of weight. All my friends that are fit and skinny also drink tons of the stuff. Water accomplishes two things here.

1. The water helps move everything inside your intestines faster and gets rid of all that gunk stuck in there.

2. Most of the time your body is crying out for water and not food. You would be surprised how little food your body actually needs. Water will replace that “hungry” feeling – which most people mistake hunger with thirst. That growling hunger people get is not even actual “true hunger” it is just your stomach shrinking. Drinking a few litres of water a day will keep you feeling full so you are more likely not to reach for any fatty food.

If you want to lose weight fast then up your water intake and reduce all food except fruits and vegetables.

Headache – Relief from this killer pain

Say goodbye to constant headaches and migraines. Cure headaches by guzzling down a litre and a half of water. Make this a habit to prevent those nasty neusances. If you take medication for headaches, this might temporarily help but it also causes acidity in your body. Instead of that, give your body what it actually wants which is water. Avoid giving it substances that cause further problems. Most medications are nothing less than slow poisons with dangerous side effects. They do not correct the on-going problem of dehydration. They can cause temporary releif but cause long-term harm.

Detox – Clean your body

In the morning, drink a litre and a half of water, this wish rush through all your pipes and will start cleaning out your organs and intestines as it passes through them. It is actually quite amazing what ordinary water can do. There is a medical term called Haematopaises, this is when the mucousal folds of the colon are activated and form fresh blood. This purifies and cleanses your body.

Blood pressure – Fix it

Prevent heart disease by drinking 2-3 lires of water per day. Being dehydrated messes with blood pressure so drink up. High blood pressure can take up to 30 days of water therapy to cure. What I mean by water therapy is when you get up and first thing you do is drink 1.5 litres of water within 10 minutes. This flushes your system out and regulates things.

Energy – Get more of it

Being dehydrated can leave you tired and feeling blah. Most people walk around like zombies and don’t even realise that it is because they are dehydrated. Even 1-2% dehydration causes fatigue.

Pain Free Body

I did not know this but I used to have severe back pain. So bad that I had to lie on the floor and not move because it was that painful. Well your spine needs a drink too. You will be happy to know that you actually can cure virtually all pains for free, just by drinking water. You do not need drugs, surgery, acupuncture, herbal prescriptions, manipulation, homeopathy, meditation, bio-feedback, hypnosis, or other commercial ways used for relief of pain. Your body is just crying out for water! Years of letting it down has caused this and you could be surprised how just upping your water intake can cure pain. I cured the worst back pain I ever had. Is gone and I will not ever let it return. Being pain free is awesome. It does not cost anything to try some water therapy.

Cure asthma

People with respiratory and allergen problems would highly benefit from drinking loads of water. 3-5 litres a day spread out across the day. When your cells shrivel up and become thirsty, this affects your lungs. This is why drinking lots of water over a period of time can actually cure asthma. I dare you to try it for 3 days and not see dramatic improvement in your breathing.

Mental Focus – Become super human

Drink a glass of water every hour at work. Doing this simple thing will increase your mental power and alertness. You will no longer have a foggy brain but be clear headed and more productive.

How to make drinking water a habit

1. Every day wake up and drink 1.5 litres of water within 10 minutes. At first this will feel painful. I could only get a litre down before I felt sick. But soon enough I was able to do it much easier. It really did improve my skin. People were commenting how clear and nice my skin looked.

2. Before you leave the house, skull a glass of water.

3. Before every meal, drink a big glass of the beautiful Ho2. It is actually better to drink before than after or during a meal because water dilutes all your digestive enzymes. If you drink before your food then it will just pass through you in under five minutes.

4. If you work at a desk, keep a large jug or large water bottle with you. You will keep sipping on it all day just because it is there. Eventually you will start doing this subconsciously. I also like drinking hot water.

5. For a bit of zest add some lemon or lime to spice up your water.

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