You're a diamond they can't brake you

You’re a diamond they can’t break you

It is very normal that sometimes in your life you feel small. Every now and then you will face a situation that will bring you down and make you feel like you don’t matter.

But please, when that day comes just remember that this isn’t the fist time you feel like this and I’m sorry to tell you but it won’t be the last. But guess what. Who cares. Because here you are!

Trying to do better. With each day, you wake up and its a new day… It can be a good day if you decide to make it so.

Just do ONE thing you like. Even if that is literally just walking to the coffee shop and ordering a hot drink.

If you want to make something of yourself, no matter what your goal in life is, you need to be strong and not let anyone tear you down. You can’t let anyone, not even the people you love, tell you you can’t do something. Because if you’re strong you can do anything.

When I was younger, before I had my own business and before I knew what I know now, I didn’t believe in myself like I do now. This lead to loads of unhappy moments, negative people, relationships, and bad vibes at work.

It is not a good way to live.

Fast forward a few years, after the worst of the worst happened: A Failed Business and $150,000 in debt! Whoa! How does one survive that. You got 2 choices. Crack under the pressure and cry and stay in bed feeling sorry for yourself (ok I did that too lol) or get up and start thinking of your next move and go try it!

It is OK to fail. I read a lot of blog post about the failures of millionaires and that brought me home. If one person can have nothing and start to build then so could I! And I did! You would be surprised at how little you actually need to survive. I mean I lived at libraries using their free wifi! You can go to hotel lobbies and eat their snacks lol.. You can even live for quite some time with no food and no shelter. If you have a friend’s couch and the internet, you can create a business out of thin air! Just work harder! Do all the free traffic methods yourself and BAM all of a sudden you have a business and you have money coming in!

Then use that money to make more money.

Just realise you are stronger than you think!

A failure can be a positive thing. Especially when you pick yourself up again and start something new. At first you are a machine. This is probably the best advice I can give you. Be a machine. Just go through the motions because when you are down you will NOT feel like it. You can’t wait until you feel like it because you won’t.

So just be a machine. Move your body. Get on the computer and start working.

People who started with less than what you have now are able to build multi-million dollar businesses so why not you?

I worked with clients, one of my clients who makes $218M/year started with a list of people he stole from his old employer. He then emailed that list over and over again. I built his website and did his marketing and he was reinvesting 100% of the revenue at the start. At the beginning he was even losing money but he kept re-investing and eventually his customers became his returning customers and now he makes more money than most of us know what to do with

You are a diamond! It is ok to feel sorry for yourself but then get up and get moving! You got this

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