Take Your Power Back

Take your power back. A lot of people give their power away and don’t realize it. You have the ability to make choices that come from your very own will. Act on these choices if that is what you desire. (As long as you don’t hurt anybody else)

Power and Free Will

Power and free will go hand in hand. So if you knowingly (or unknowingly) give your power away, you’ll become lost and helpless. Now, that’s not the way to go on with your life, because you won’t be able to accomplish anything without power. A powerless person either becomes a victim of circumstances or simply becomes stagnant in his or her life and career.

Obviously, the solution to this problem is to take your power back. It was yours to begin with, so you really must have it back. It is your duty to yourself and to the universe to be as powerful as you can be.

Who Took Away Your Power?

Ok, so first things first. Before you can take your power back, you have to know who you gave it to. Is it your boss? Is your boss running your life? Hey, even if you are working for somebody, you can’t let them run your life – you only work for them, you don’t live for them.

I also know of people who gave their power to their partners in life. Well, in a relationship it’s only natural to give ourselves to our partners, but not everything that we are left with nothing. That would be a sign of an unhealthy relationship – and again, you will lose your power and respect for yourself if you allow that to happen.

Other people can steal your power unknowingly too, so it’s best to be aware of what’s going on in your life. Are you too dependent on your doctor or lawyer, maybe? Oh yes, being too dependent on somebody can also drain you of your inner power.

Sometimes, you can also willingly and knowingly give your power to institutions or beliefs too. This can be the government, social institutions, and even religion and philosophies. Yes, when you give them the power to control you and the way you live your life, you are basically powerless.

Even emotions can drain you of your energy, so it’s always important to put your emotions in check too. Such emotions can be fear, envy, jealousy, hatred, etc. See? These emotions are debilitating and will zap your energy and power in more ways than one.

Power Thieves Amongst Us

Addiction is also a power thief and this comes in many forms. Obviously, addiction to drugs and alcohol can be very destructive because this can suck your power that you lose control over your life (worse case scenario). And it can also take the form of food – that’s why there are so called comfort foods and there’s also that thing called stress eating. When you feel powerless and rely on food to cheer you up and make you feel good, that’s just as dangerous as being addicted on drugs and alcohol.

Ok, here’s the worst of them all – the people around you. I’m talking about people you deal with every day and are very close to you. So this can be your family, friends, co-workers and just ordinary people you deal with every day. The thing is, these people are always unhappy or in a bad mood – it’s in their system to be this way, it’s what they are – just people oozing with negative energy. Well, if you are always around such people and tolerate their moods, their negative outlook in life will rub off on you. Yeah, you will just find yourself as miserable as them (eventually).

The Art of Taking Your Power Back

So, when you realize who you’ve given your power to, you will have to take it back. And since power is an intangible thing, you will have to use your mind to do this.

You can start with a meditation technique (yes, that’s what I do when I find my power taken away from me). So let’s say it’s a person who has taken away your power. In your mind’s eye, you need to imagine that certain person whom you’ve given your power to and imagine taking it back.

Now, I know it sounds a bit funny – but believe me, it’s effective. You need to understand that all these things are happening in your mind. Since you’ve given your power away in your mind, you’ll have to take it back in your mind too. Like I said, I do this all the time and it really works.

Okay, if this is the first time for you to meditate or to use this technique I’ll guide you through it. So first, imagine the person you’ve given your power to, and imagine this “power” as a ball of light. Having this visual representation of power will make this meditation technique easier.

So next, ask the person to give you your power back and then reach out and grab your power from him or her. You then need to put this ball of light back into yourself and feel your energy going up. Sort of like when you are charging your cellphone – so just allow yourself to be full of energy as you regain all your power back.

If you’re still not convinced if this method works or not, then I suggest trying it even for just once. Although the more you do it, the better you get at it. Still, you will know on your first attempt if it works or not. So when you do it, take notice of how you feel. Do you feel more powerful?

You Have The Power to Control Your Life

If too many people, institutions or emotions have taken your energy away, this would require more work (obviously). So what you can do is to start taking your power back one at a time. The little balls of energy you get back will slowly but surely power you up again until you are more in control of yourself and your life again.

And so now that you have all your power back, what would you want to do with your life? Yeah, you can basically do anything you want – achieve your goals, realize your dreams, be happy and contented with your life. You can do it because you have the power to do it.

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