Why You Need A Call to Action in Your Copy and How To Make One

Sometimes, learning how to make your internet company successful is not always smooth sailing is it?. This is because you are making customer relationships via the internet and not face to face. This explains why the call to action button on your blog has to be displayed in a trafficked spot, but it has to also make customers want to click on it.

This means have your call to actions at the bottom of your articles JUST like I demonstrate at the bottom of this one. Actually I put another call to action in the side bar for good measure and you should too.

This is so that your potential customer will never have a hard time finding it. It is also so your visitors know what you want them to do after they read your article. This also applies to emails you send 😉

When it comes to finding online success, the following are three suggestions that online marketers such as yourself should think about when it comes to your beloved “call to action” buttons.

1. Be Better

Make sure that your buttons are better than everyone else’s. (duh) This can be achieved by placing your buttons on a white background that does not have a lot of other things around it. Let your visitors relax and focus. Don’t give them anxiety by making your website a stressful place to be. Your intention is to make sure that your button is not overcrowded by other things on the page. Don’t think that you can’t put a big brazen button on your website because if it gets clicks, then it has serviced its purpose. A big button is a high converting button. (But test this for yourself)

2. Placement

I have to emphasise this part. Instead of placing your buttons in the sidebars, try strategically placing it in the centre of the landing page. This can work in certain cases. Also try above the fold, or right at the bottom of your article. Like I am doing in this article.

3. Be honest

You might want to tell your visitors what will happen once they click on your call to action button. It would be smart to put this pearl of wisdom near your call to action buttons so that it will sense for your customers to click on it. Don’t have anything random. Be clear and specific what the button does and where they will go after they click it. In a way, you’re making your visitors feel more comfortable about taking that particular action by showing them what lies on the other side. This works for all types of buttons such as free trial, sign up and download buttons.

The call to action is an important part of your marketing whether it is email or directly on your site. When you have an attention grabbing call to action button at your service, you will see that your visitors will be more responsive towards your offer. Once people see your call to action, if they like what you have to say then they will click it. That depends on if you have done everything else right. So in order to make the call to action buttons on your website better, make sure you make it a nice big colour and make it stand out a bit.

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