Anna Macko

How Life Works

In this post about How Life Works, I just went off on a tangent about all the things that have helped me be where I am today. I hope this will help you too.

We are an organic, cosmically influenced body and we live in an alive and amazing all-knowing Universe.

Thought Created Us

Your life right now is a consequence of all your previous thoughts. Universe is filled with a Universal Life Energy and this energy contains all potential. You see at this very moment your life can go in any direction you choose. There are many futures in front of you. Which future will happen? It is the one you give the most energy and focus to. It is a deep knowing feeling that you have towards that path you choose. There is nothing more real than the power of positive thought. We, humanity, all share the same consiousness. We are all one. Our thoughts jump from one person to the next and we are all connected. If you hate someone, you actually hate that part of yourself. The people around you are a reflection of yourself. Look at who is around you. Those are all the people you have attracted into your life. If there is someone around you that you don’t like, then look at what you don’t like about them. People around us, mirror us. They are our reflection. That “thing you don’t like” is exactly what you don’t like about yourself. Once you can see it and admit it, then the energy vibration around you will change and you will repel it from your life as it will no longer be necessary for you to see it.

Life Patterns

Notice paterns in your life. Why do you think the same thing keeps happening to you over and over again. Yet those things never happen to someone else. These patterns are not a coincidence. You see, those are lessons that keep coming into your life until you brake that pattern. They are happening because you are attracting them into your life and have not yet learned from them. How do you brake the patterns? The way you brake the patterns is by first recognising the patterns. Then recognising in yourself what is attracting you to that patterns. Once you concisouly realise what it is in you that is attracting that, then you disolve that pattern.


Energy is all around us. We are energy. It contains a certain vibration. When the vibration you put out matches another person’s vibration, you will attract that towards you. People attract what they fear because they think about it. You have 30 seconds to delete negative thoughts from your heard. Don’t day dream about negative things, catch yourself doing it and stop then replace with a positive day dream. Don’t watch horror movies, late night murder mysteries, or listen to depressing music either. Replace all the music on your ipod with happy music that makes you want to smile and dance. The transformation in your life will be amazing. Don’t watch porn either as this destroys the feminin spirit. Keep your vibration high with love and happiness. Do things you love and love others around you. Stay away from hate and anger. Keep your stress down to no stress at all. Exersise, eat fruits and vegetables. Stay positive.

When you express a certain energy, that is the frequency of the vibration that you put out which is what you will get back. The more joy and love you put out, the more you get back. Things that don’t match that vibration will not come to you. Like attracts like. This is very very true.

The energy in your heart projects a certain energy (or vibration) into the world. Animals can feel this. Other people can also feel this on a subconscious level.

Heart Rate for Frustration compared to Appreciation. Be thankful for the people and things around you.

This may surprise you, but people actually have a strong impact on the earths energy field. Technology can measure this.


Deep down within you, you have certain beliefs. This belief system is what triggers many things from happening in your life. Many people have limiting beliefs that do not let them move forward. It is only by realising this belief from a higher place that these can be broken down. Step back and look at your life as you would look at it from the top of the world. Look from the outside in, instead of from the inside out. Once you see your life from this different perspective, you will be able to see things more clearly and change them. Understand that you are infinite possibility. You actually can do anything you want (as long as you don’t impose yourself on another).

Remember that good brings good and evil brings evil.


It is time to brake down your old patterns and beliefs that keep your trapped in the limited life you are trapped in. Open your heart. Follow your heart and it will lead you in the right direction because you are everything. You can do anything. There is no limitation to what you can do. You may think there is but why do you think that 1% of America’s wealthies people have 10 times more money than all of the wealth in USA put together. Check out this interesting video about it

To me this video tells me that there is so much money in the world. Don’t even think that there is not enough. There is MORE than enough. No one should be going hungry in a world of plenty. This video is actually inspiring because it shows that some realised there is infinite possibility. Once I got this concept. My life changed. There is enough of the pie for everyone. Also don’t feel bad about making money. The more money you have, the more you can help the world and others. I know some very spiritual people who are very very wealthy, live in a big house with lots of land around them. You don’t have to be poor to be spiritual.

Send Love into the Atmosphere at 7:30AM Melbourne Australia Time (9:30PM London UK Time)

Humans can do incredible things. You can yourself do way more than you think you can. Because we are all connected we can do amazing things together. We can together project energy that will change the earth vibrations. It blew my mind when I started learning about the power of the collective minds. We have more power than you think. Collectively a big number of people can meditate on something and this will create change. This works in large crowds of people believing in the same thing.

The more stress, violence, anger, fear we project into the world, the more we get back in political control, war and poverty. On the flip side of that, the more love, warmth and compassion we send out into the world, the more we get back of that.

Example of the collective meditation phenomenon

It’s been scientifically proven that meditation reduces stress. Meditation in big groups changes the vibrations in the earth. Groups of people meditating together changes the thoughts and feelings of the environment around them. This is the phenomenon I want to talk about. This is a phenomenon that is very real and has been proven.

This article about collective meditation describes a study that was performed where a small group influenced a larger group. They worked with the local LA police and the FBI to collect criminal trends. In LA a group of 4000 people meditated, which after doing the analysis it showed a 25% drop in crime during that time. LA is a city of 1.5M and with only a few people coming together meditating, there was a significant positive change.

That is just one study. It has been proven time and time again that when people come together with one goal in mind, we can influence a bigger number of people. Here is another article on a group of 2000 volunteers that meditate together. Scientists monitor the social indicators and also noticed a drop in crime.

The power of our conciousness and thoughts are greater than we think!

What we can do, as a powerful human race, is at 9:30pm UK time, or convert time into your time zone. If everyone together just for 20 minutes a day, if we send love into the atmosphere we will make a difference. It is only a small % of your day but the difference it brings into your life is amazing. Change yourself and you can change the world.

I have heard of this before but for me David Icke suggested the idea of sending love into the atmosphere then doing the “non comply dance” which is dancing together in happiness after. Crank your favorite music and dance! The more that come together for this, the better.

The problem with Riots

When we want to see change in the world, violent and angry riots are not the way to go. Sending out peaceful energy is. You see riots just bring on more stress and anger which feeds the horrible things we don’t want to see in the first place.

In australia it is becoming the nany state because we are so controled by all these stupid laws, we even have to pay a fine if we don’t vote. The thing is if no one paid for the stupid fines, they could not keep up. But you see everyone would have to do it. Together we have the power.

The government actually wants people to riot so they can implement more control systems to have more power over us.

Don’t be a sheep.

Don’t just follow the crowd. There is a small number of people on this earth that know the truth of how things work. These people realise there there is an infinite amount of wealth to be made and an infinite amount of possibilities that can be achieved. We are infinite possibility. You don’t have to do what you have always been doing up to now. You can change in an instant and you can change your life in a way you never thought was possible. Don’t listen to negative people and always, always listen to your heart.

It all starts with the energy you project. YOU are the change. BE the change you want to see in this world.

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