How to Stop Procrastinating

Since Covid19 has disrupted most of our daily routines, it is easy to feel like every day has become the same. I know it’s easy to fall into less productive daily patterns now that we have fallen out of routine – but it doesn’t have to be this way! With this in mind (and because I received a special request from a follower – thanks for that!), I have created a new video on how to stop procrastination once and for all!

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If you are a business owner, you are likely already familiar with the tactics that I am laying out. Successful entrepreneurs know how to implement these habits of fast and efficient decision-making skills, its an art – but once you get the hang of it, its second nature!
Less decision making means less decision paralysis making it easier for things to get done.
A good example of this is something I touched on in an earlier video I created, “How to get through this difficult time”, where I talked about how my boyfriend has a basic wardrobe (he is also a high profile business leader).
He has black for work and white for everything else ( his closet looks like Mr. Gadget).

The thing I want you to take away most here is that understanding the root of indecision will take you very far. The root of indecision is procrastination. 
The root of procrastination is 2 things:

  1. Lack of motivation. And/or
  2. Lack of not knowing the first step!
    The more you can be clear on the first step, the less you procrastinate so its good to be able to have your stuff set up and out in the open instead of buried in your closet or in your computer.
    At this time we want a higher vibrational state from everyone possible. Most people are in a fear state right now.
    The planet needs to you raise your vibration – be happier, be more productive and be grateful. It is so important right now. 
    Ask yourself, are you slacking and losing inspiration for your goals and dreams now? If you answer yes, perhaps, it is time to step into your greater power and be the REAL you the planet needs.
    Love you!
    Been loving the messages and comments on my Instagram lately I have been spending a lot of time over there talking to everyone directly!
    I hope you enjoy the video!
    Love Anna – Hugs from home! xx

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